Eco Tree Company

Desiging and caring for some of the most beautiful gardens in Ireland

The Eco Tree Compnay

Eco Gardening Services are a dedicated team of gardeners and landscapers that are based in South Dublin and work in many areas around Ireland including Kildare, Meath, Wicklow that offer great service and with outstanding reviews and affordable prices. With many years of experience and fully insured.
Friendly staff with excellent work ethic and a desire to make your garden the best it possibly can with a competitive price.

Why Choose Eco Tree Company

We got Kevin from Eco Garden Services in spring this year. We have large back garden and it was not managable for us. Kevin and his team tranceformed it for us to a beautiful garden almost maintance free. We had very bad weather during the make over and they came every day even on Easter Monday. Kevin and his team have been excellent and planned our garden with us.



We were plagued with runaway bramble growth and spent years trying to get it under control.We tried cutting it back every Summer but it only seemed to grow twice as fast! We hired Eco Gardening Services to take care of it, and a few days later they took out years of overgrowth out by the root and planted in bare root hedges to fill in the gaps. The lads were friendly and worked hard and even managed to save some of the original trees that were there before the weeds. The entire process took less than a week.



After watching Eco Landscaping do an excellent job in my neighbours garden. He popped over the fence to help put my dream garden together. He looked, listened and, more importantly, understood the constraints and priorities and came back with several options for us to consider in the plans. Once the work started, his team were efficient and tidy and put in place an excellent end-product. From the removel on tall trees that blocked the light to added back in hedging and trees in the correct position. Installed a beautiful large patio to erecting secure fencing around the property. The most impressive thing about Kevin and the team is that they genuinely take an interest in customer satisfaction and major pride in this work.